If you always do what you always did you'll always get what you always got.

Well, I have made some huge life changes lately.  Beyond just the amazing weight loss and going to see a therapist and removing the drama of my mom from my life.......I have now resigned from my job!  Crazy, I know!  There are many reasons why....many petty, selfish reasons, but the really big reason is that I start my new career path on December 6th!

I was offered a position doing something I love again.  Its an actual career.  A great career move.  It will put me in a wonderful position to learn and grow and ultimately succeed.

It took a lot of courage for me to resign.  This is actually only my second job in my life.  I left my first only because the store closed.  I am going to miss all of my co-workers dearly, even though I can't stand them some days.  Life moves on though and I will be better for this decision.  I am very excited for my new life and all the great things happening for me right now!


I weighed in today and lost 4.2 pounds this week.....

I rock!

I have now lost 49.6 pounds total :) WOOHOO!!!!


I am really looking forward to the holidays this year!!!!!!

For the first time in about 5 years....the first time in my MARRIED life....I am finally able to do what I want....

which means....I will actually be "present" at all the holidays.
I will not be getting drunk before everyone arrives just to make it through (not that I had a problem or anything!)

I feel so happy!
I feel so relieved!

I am so happy that I finally made the choice to go to therapy.
It has done wonders and I am only 4 sessions in.

I really take on all of my family problems and worries...but not anymore!

I am free!!!!


lead with the U[gly] move on to the not-so B[ad] and end with the G[ood]!

* I gained .6 pounds this week :(

not-so Bad
* I have still lost 42.2 pounds overall

* I am down to a size 18!!!!

Ok, so really...the not so bad really falls under GREAT and so does the Good....so my GBU is really not even a good layout. The point is...I am still doing really well. The gain this week is probably just a result of the HUGE loss I had last week. I am still on track and sticking to plan. I will have a loss this week though!

praying mantis


really cool pic from the beginning on August.....
one day I will get caught up on my daily pics!



this is my 2+ year old Goldendoodle Cooper :)


gotta love it.
it is so eye opening.
it makes me feel so much better.
i have a plan.


amazing week!!!!

i lost 4.2 freakin pounds this week which brings my total to 42.8!!!!

you stole my happy

i want it back!

how the hell do you figure out what makes you happy?????


I mean, I know my husband and my puppy make me happy....but what else really makes me happy????

i seriously believe she stole my happy!

oh...and I have to work on "emotionally detaching" myself from some situations...aka my fam.